Templates to help me build my app


I’m doing the bootcamp and i am wondering if it is possible to access the template, so it will be easier to do my app by checking the workflows. Right now, when i forgot how to do something, i must go through all videos to find the subject i am looking for and it takes time…

Moreover, is there others templates i could check to be inspired ? like in the bubble marketplace ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @Newbie

This may help :slight_smile:

It does, thank you !
But not if i want to check the design parameter, right ? like what is done in the bootcamp videos ? (exemple : video homepage navigation)

You can access any of the release templates and inspect how the logic is built.

As for details on the bootcamp instructional material please contact your instructor :smiley:

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Ok i’ll do that Thank you :slight_smile:

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