The footer links (external links only) don't work

Hi everyone !
I’m working on a footer but some links don’t work

Both links are in yellow and are supposed to open an external link in a new tab, but nothing happens on click. When the action is ‘open an internal page’, there’s no issue. I even tried to run a Bubble Action which is supposed to open the link in a new page, but it doesn’t work either.

Can you help me?


Please take a look at this video and see if it has information that could help. Many of these new UI buttons need to be complemented by logic in the Bubble engine that needs to be built there

Thank you for your help !
The video did help me in some way but it doesn’t really give me a reason why it is not working.
I found a way to link the button to a Bubble workflow to be able to open the link in the same tab, but I’d really like to use the possibility to “open a link in a new tab”.
Do you know why it can’t work ?
The app is now public so you can see for yourself.

Thanks again.

Hello @evodev

You can use this action called “Run javascript”. Just add the following code (and replace the below google url with the url that you want your user to go to in a new browser tab)' ','_blank')