Tile Image Gallery Popup

Hi. I’m having an issue including the Tile Image Gallery Popup reusable element into the Left-justified Profile Block properly. When added, it doesn’t sit within the profile block as other elements do.

The image below shows:

  1. Tile Image Gallery Popup hanging partially outside the profile block
  2. Elements tree with the “tileimagegalleryandpopup”
  3. List item and the editor

Your assistance is appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @ibuomi.abibo welcome to the forum!

I am not sure I follow what the issue is.

The screenshot does not show a popup nor it is clear what not sitting within what profile block (?) as other elements (?) do.

Perhaps you could clarify a bit more please so that we can offer suggestions?

Hi Carlos.The tileimagegalleryandpopup sits within certain hierarchies of the Group Main user profile block. I attempted replicating it but unfortunately cannot post the link here nor more than one photo/screenshot. Here you see the tile image gallery outside of the main profile block. Also see the Elements tree in the attached screenshot:

Hi @ibuomi.abibo,

Please note that this block is supposed to be a group on the page and its parent group should be Blocks container 860 (do not rename). In your screenshot, you seem to have taken the block’s reusable element and nested it in another group. Usually, when you have elements peeking out of a parent group in preview mode, it’s because you have bubble elements that are overlapping, or the groups aren’t equal to or greater than its children groups - these all affect Bubble responsiveness. I’d recommend reviewing the elements and groups on your page and make sure there aren’t any overlapping elements (e.g. Group PLACEHOLDERS overlapping with other groups).

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Thanks for the insight @stephanie. I assumed that this block could be customized in its placement on the page. Is it possible to have the Group Tile Image Gallery and Popup block have a parent or nested-parent-derivatives under the Blocks container 860 (do not rename)? What I would like to achieve rather is to nest it within the Group Main user profile_User or even the Group Main top profile content block as found at Venue Detail (the topmost block).

Furthermore, I read that the Group Placeholder will need to be resized to achieve something of that feature and I have attempted to do so by resizing to the height of the Group Tile Image Gallery and Popup block then adding the Group Tile Image Gallery and Popup block after the placeholder, but it still has it somewhat overlapping as shown in the original post.


The do-not-rename block is used to add content using the Chrome extension.

If you do not plan to add any more content to a page then you can place it or rename at your pleasure.

As for how to eliminate unintended vertical spacing just like Stephanie suggested make sure the your groups are vertically stacked one after the next and also avoid overlapping any element or groups.

Thanks for the detail @cmarchan. I finally got it to work!! :raised_hands:t5: Thanks folks!! :slight_smile:

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