Tips for modifying sendgrid email html?

Hi all!

I’m trying to make some minor formatting edits to the email html contained within the standard website data type for sendgrid emails. The edits I’m trying to make seem pretty basic - I’m trying to add a basic line at the top and bottom of my email (html below), but no matter where I put it within the existing email HTML, I continue to receive a workflow error showing a HTTP 400 response from sendgrid.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to help with editing the email html?

I’m trying to add something like this to the top and bottom of the email template:

      <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" align="center" width="100%" height="10px" style="line-height:10px; font-size:10px;">
            <td style="padding:0px 0px 10px 0px;" bgcolor="#222222"></td>

Hello @zblender89

We looked into your inquiry.

If you want to edit the raw html email template code that is stored in the website datatype, perhaps you can consider getting guidance into email html.

If you want to simply insert html snippets into the body of an email, you can do that through the email template popup in the admin portal.

Hope the above makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:


On the above note, perhaps a little “hack” may work.

How about designing the email in an email tool like Active Campaign that allows you to export the html code of the email … export it and try and see if it works.

If you decide to follow this suggestion, please do share your findings :smiley:

Thanks for your suggestions @cmarchan. I did try an approach similar to your suggestion. Some things I tried:

  1. I uploaded the existing sendgrid HTML to the sendgrid email editor. I then added the design elements successfully using the sendgrid wysiwyg editor and exported the resulting template back to HTML and tried replacing the email HTML in the website datatype, but this didn’t work.
  2. I was able to identify the part of the HTML that changed by looking for that color code (222222). I tried using the original HTML code and just adding the part that changed, but this didn’t work.
  3. I tried modifying the table tag in various ways, but this didn’t work.
  4. I tried moving the table tag to different places within the HTML file, but still no luck

Each time, I continued to receive the 400 response in all of my testing. This is what led me to post here thinking there must be some other trick to get this to work.

Have others been able to successfully make changes along these lines with success? Appreciate any other suggestions you may have!

Thanks for sharing!

If something else comes to mind I will post for sure!

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Hi! Where is the code for the HTML email stored? I have looked all over and I cannot find it to edit it.

Hello @timothydmueller welcome to the community!

I believe it is located in the Canvas email plugin.