Top/Bottom Input chat widgets are broken

Chat blocks are broken. Both Top and Bottom input chat widgets appear by default with 62 issues immediately upon adding block to page. In addition, the ‘User Viewing Chat’ variable referenced in the Documentation is not there.

What I see:

Hello @devin welcome to the forum!

When adding a chat widget I have come to learn that some datatypes may be “hidden” after the process.

Try going to the database and reinstate the missing ones (… I know … hard to tell but if you go through the widget’s documentation it is somewhat intuitive to choose the needed ones). This should sort out most of the issues.

Thanks for the quick reply @cmarchan.
Unfortunately this solution does not work. Upon following your instructions it appears that the expected data types are present and publicly visible (Not requiring reinstatement) as shown in the attached picture. Issues still remain.

Any help on this one?

Hello @devin

May I suggest to create a new Canvas test page and download the block onto that test page … and see what happens.

If it works then the Canvas widget is working ok. The issue would then be about something going wrong in the non-Canvas logic of the application/

If this test does not work I suggest you contact

Hi @cmarchan,
All of the above was done on a brand new canvas page.
I will be contacting airdev support.

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