Transfer app plan to another app?

Hi! I found this post formerly but it’s closed so I couldn’t reply directly. I have an old app that I am no longer using that’s on the professional plan, and I’d like to transfer that license to a new app that I’m building. Can someone help me with this?

Hello @toby !

Canvas licenses work on a per application basis.

You can always contact us at support ( and provide further details about your request.

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If it is not built on Canvas? I have an app built on older Bubble engine. Back in the 2017 and I want to move it to current Bubble engine. What is the best practice to do so? Thanks. :100:

Hello @Samantha

There are no shortcuts unfortunately.

You would have to get the free Canvas template and start a new app. Later on, if you need paid Canvas template functions you can upgrade to a premium or professional license.

To save a little time you can copy/paste your dB objects and option sets from the old app to the new one. But after that you would have to build all logic inside the new app. And any other dB objects that you may need as you make progress in your build.

@cmarchan Greetings,

There are new features in the latest template/upgrade I would like to use… I believe I am on version 3.x but I am not sure how to upgrade to the latest and greatest…

Hello @raynellbell

Just replied to you on another post with the same inquiry. Please review it if you like :grinning:

@cmarchan Thank you sir!

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