Transfering licence on paid Canvas Template


I will describe my faulty workflow which I think can be trap for many new bubble/canvas users.

  1. I created new app, paid for personal plan of bubble and then discovered there is paid template of canvas
  2. I purchased Canvas, but then I could not start from this template as app is already exisitng! And app is paid so bit locked.
  3. Now I want to create new app and transfer licence of Canvas to this new app.

Question: How should I do it? When I will create new bubble app, then it will be without base paid template. I seen there is possibility to transfer licence one time in site

Is this correct?

  1. Create any app without template in Bubble let say “MyNewApp”
  2. Pay to get to personal membership of Bubble
  3. Transfer licence in to “MyNewApp” (Will I be able then to load/use paid template to Bubble)?

It is quite confusing.

Thank you.

Hi @user34,

Thank you for your feedback!

Based on your experience above it seems like you did the following:

  1. Created a new app in Bubble without using a template
  2. Purchased Bubble’s Personal Plan for the app
  3. Wanted to create a new app using the Canvas Base Template with the same app name but couldn’t because the Bubble name is already taken.
  4. Now you want to create a new app and transfer the Canvas license to this new app.

Before I go through the ideal flow, I’d love to clarify a few things below:

Bubble paid plan - Please note that a paid Bubble plan can be used on only one app. You may be able to reach out to to see if they can transfer the paid Bubble plan to another app but it would be highly unlikely.

Canvas Base Template - This is a free template that we offer. You would need to be on a paid Bubble plan to use some of the more advanced features of this template (e.g., marketing pages, two-factor authentication, and etc.). To add premium Canvas blocks to your app, you would need to purchase a Canvas license and register your app with Canvas. Please note that the Canvas license is a single app license and grants you access to our growing Canvas library for that app.

Paid Canvas Templates - We offer out of the box templates for different app use cases. These templates would include all the UI, workflows, and integrations and they are fully functional. Please note that these are on older versions of Canvas and the designs aren’t up to date. We do not have plans in the short-term to update these templates and they are sold as is.

Using the Canvas chrome extension with non-Canvas app - Currently, in order to use the Canvas chrome extension, your app needs to be on a Canvas Template (ideally the Canvas Base Template). It’s on our roadmap in the next few months to at least open some Canvas assets so they can be used on non-canvas apps. If you add a Canvas component to a non-canvas app, you will likely get a lot of errors in your app because it is missing the necessary styles, database objects, reusables, and etc.

To answer your question, we recommend the following flow:

  1. Create a new app using the Canvas Base Template
  2. Follow the template’s onboarding flow and complete the launch checklist registration flow in your Canvas app
  3. Email regarding your license
  4. You can purchase a Bubble paid plan now (if you need to use more advanced template features) or later (when you are ready to launch)
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