Trouble adding a new tab to toggle tabs group

Is anyone else having an issue adding a new tab to the Toggle Tabs group block? For some reason when I copy and paste a new tab (identical to the 4 tabs that come standard in the block template) the item isn’t clickable like the 4 default tabs.


I’ve verified that all of the conditions are identical to the default tabs, but it I cannot get it to behave like a clickable button like the other tabs (have also verified the option to disable it as a clickable button has been disabled)


Figured out the issue. When I copy and pasted one of the tab items, only one of the two necessary workflows was getting copied for some reason (I tried the copy and paste multiple times with the same behavior):


When I added and updated the second workflow, it new tab item worked as expected:

Thank you @nick! Copying and pasting with workflows will ensure that the workflows are carried over.

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