Undesired Redirect to Login

Hi - when I preview a bubble page I’ve created, or run it as a standard user, I am being redirected to the login form immediately when the page loads.

I am building a checkout page and there will be fields for creating a user name and password, but nothing has been hooked up yet.

I checked the roles and privacy of the bubble page and it’s all blank.

When I run debug something seems to be happening where a workflow is checking a verified email status and if it doesn’t like what it sees it redirects to login.

Does anyone have any idea what is happening and how to fix it? Obviously the checkout needs to be accessible to non-users.


Hello @ian welcome to the forum!

Hope this helps :smiley:

Thanks for the response!! I posted my question then went to Cancun for a week so haven’t been able to get back.

I figured it was something along these lines but the problem I have is this: How do I register new users?

The page I am building is a registration/checkout page.

I’m certain this is just my ignorance of bubble in general… will it redirect users who aren’t logged in?

Hello @ian

This video goes in detail on how the basic logic to register users in Canvas.

Using this general guidance you can then personalize it to your app needs: :smiley: