Unwanted Whitespace Appearing in Multi-Tab Canvas Forms

Hi all, I am having issues troubleshooting why whitespace is appearing in multi-tab Canvas template forms. More specifically, I am working on the standard multi-step page Canvas template, and somehow I have created a large amount of whitespace at the bottom of the page. Does anyone have any advice as to how to troubleshoot and remove unwanted whitespace, particularly on a page where there are a lot of elements that conditionally hide/collapse?

Hello @mkay6664 welcome to the forum!

In order to manage vertical distance in the current responsive engine in Bubble one has to ensure that your app section “blocks” are vertically stacked.

Perhaps taking a look at how the account or admin pages are organized in a free Canvas template app may provide more insight. These pages sections are vertically stacked thus managing vertical distance appropriately.

Make sure that all child elements vertically fit their root parent. Many times there are “wild” elements with coordinates and/or dimensions that do not make sense. Children need to fit within their parent elements.

Hope this makes sense :sweat_smile: