[Update] New way to open the Canvas chrome extension

Hi all,

We recently made some changes to how you would open the Canvas extension.

Instead of clicking the button on the side of the editor, you can now click the Canvas icon in the chrome extension bar to open the Canvas extension.

Old way:


New way:

New way to open the Canvas chrome extension

We hope this frees up some space for you in the Bubble editor!

For users who are on an older version of the Base template (v3.8.1 or older) and can’t complete the launch checklist item to install the extension (even though the extension is already installed), please follow the instructions below:

  1. In your Bubble editor, navigate to Data tab > App data tab > All app settings
  2. Edit the app settings entry > look for the Completed admin option field > select Install the Canvas extension from the dropdown and click on Add
  3. Save the entry
  4. The install extension step would be marked as completed in your launch checklist

Canvas team

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