URL conflict with new app identifier

Hello all,

I originally created a bubble project with AirDev.

I then needed to change the app identifier so cloned the project and deleted the original. I then redirected the canvas settings to the new cloned project.

It seems that somehow the new URL is mapped to the old index marketing page in canvas.

How is this possible and how do I fix it?


Hello @dnorton welcome to the forum

Canvas licensing is provided on a per app basis. Sounds like two apps may be using one license which goes against the licensing terms.

If you are dealing with a new project and with a free license. And if you want to use Canvas … perhaps it may be better to create a new Bubble app and install a brand new free Canvas template which will provide the app with its own license. If you later want to upgrade to a paid plan you will be able to do so with no problems.

If this does not sound like the way to go, perhaps it will be better to contact support@airdev.co

Thank you but that doesn’t sound correct.

I deleted the original Bubble app.

support@airdev.co should be able to help :smiley:

Sure, I’m in contact with them. Thank you

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