Use own header instead of the standard one


If I use my own header instead of the included one in the canvas template, would that affect any other elements ?

Hi @eduard

The header is a key component in the Canvas framework.

In the recent versions it has taken even more relevance due to improved functionality to control it from the admin portal.

But, if you are fixed in using your own and know enough about bubbling you could pull it off to a workable way. And if you do not care about managing capabilities from the admin portal nor about using the Chrome extension to create pages. I would suggest to study all then logic built into it (going in and coming out) and replicate it in your new one.

Hi @cmarchan !

I was thinking about building my own because of the following reasons:

  1. I would like that the buttons in the header link to certain sections in the index page.
  2. I don’t want the user to sign up/login.

Hi @eduard

What Canvas version are you running?

I am using version 3.4.8