Using the PLACEHOLDER group in Reusable Header for a secondary menu?

Is there any reason I shouldn’t use the PLACEHOLDER group in the Reusable Header element to create a secondary menu that would sit below the main header content?

If so, then can I increase the height (currently, it is only 28px) without breaking anything?



The only way to know is to try it :smiley:

Any time I have to apply a change that I have concerns about I make sure to:

  • Create a backup copy of a component or page (if possible)
  • Definitely create a save point in dev mode prior to implementing the change
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So far, so good. A little complicated without the header being on the new responsive engine.
I dare not convert it to responsive.
Are there instructions to convert the header so as not to break it?

Unfortunately there are no instructions to convert components.

However, I would like to recommend two excellent resources to learn the ins and outs of the new responsive engine: