Using the repeating groups categories on the search page to filter results

Thanks all for the great template and I’m excited to build my next project here.

I’m using the search page template. Search Page - Canvas Manual

On this, I have successfully modified var - RepeatingGroup Categories for my list of categories.

I then have a repeating group set up and I want to show all records where the record type is contained in the var - RepeatingGroup Categories.

How do I do this? Would this be through custom states? The document references that this is a better way to do filtering than custom states so I believe it’s not the case.

Hello @user13 welcome to the forum!

Custom states cannot be conditioned while a repeating group like “var - rg categories” can. This is the main advantage of using groups or repeating groups instead of custom states to handle page values.

For further info on searching and conditioning this video should be a great resource! :smiley:

Thank you! this is helpful

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