Vertical Multi-Step Page Unresponsive

I have a vertical multi-step page that becomes completely responsive when I load it. I tried deleting the page and remaking it entirely but it still is unresponsive.

Any ideas how to tackle this issue?

I am also having an error with Multi-Step Process Page with Sidebar. It keeps displaying an error message when I try proceeding to the next step.

Thank you for your help.

Hello @user57 !

How about setting up a multi-step test page using Canvas and study how it works:

If you cannot load the page for some reason, you can always contact support for the us review a possible bug

Hi @cmarchan,

I am not an expert bubble user so not sure what part I should be studying.

I understand the general workflows of the page template by playing around and reading the documentation but cannot figure out why it becomes completely unresponsive.

Hi @user57

Hard to say. What I do in these situations is compare the behavior of a new test page “free-of-noise” with that of the page that has other UI elements and logic. And try to identify whether the cause lies on that “noise-free” element or not.

Once and if I know that the behavior is not attributed to that element … I can then focus on identifying what else could be taking place.

Hope this makes sense :smiley: