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Hi all! I am trying to build a page where one person to stream to many participants who can only participate in the chat. Other than the presenter, nobody else should be able to share their video. I was wondering if I can use the Canvas Video Chat Page for this purpose. If so, how would I set that up?

Thank you!

  • Sorusch

Hi @sorusch,

The Canvas Video Chat Page is mainly set up for video conferences (more details in our page documentation here). This page uses the Twilio Video Chat plugin built by Bubble and by default, all participants can share their videos.

You could try the following:

  • Create a new page using the Canvas standard page template
  • Add the video group block
  • Below it, add comments thread (with like and reply) block
  • In the video block, replace the Bubble video element with an HTML element
  • (This assumes you are live streaming on youtube) - Go to the live youtube video and get the embed video code (share → embed)
  • Add the code to the html element:

    Make sure stretch to fit content is checked. Set iframe width to 100% and height to the height of the iframe (in this case, 532px).
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Thank you, Stephanie! Currently, I have the Twitch Video Player and Chat embedded to display the video to the “end user”. I am trying to figure out if I can capture the live stream via the Twilio Video Plugin to stream it to the stream key on Twitch. Basically, I want to let “teachers” stream through a “teacher studio”, send that video stream to Twitch and then display the video via Twitch embedded video player. Any suggestions?