Video Hero Image Landing Page

Hello, I am trying to design a landing page and would like to use a muted video on loop as the hero image. I don’t want to embed Youtube or use my Ziggeo account but just want to embed a short, silent video to play in the background behind my headline and CTA button. Is this possible to do with the Canvas landing page builder?

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That sounds like an interesting UI! We don’t currently support adding video backgrounds within the page builder. GIFs will work for silent videos, though, so if you convert your video to a GIF it would work in the “background image” field behind hero blocks.

The load time will likely be quite slow if the video is high-resolution or long. I’d recommend keeping the file below 5MB or ideally even smaller in order for it to smoothly load, although if you know all users who view the page will have great internet connections it shouldn’t be as much of an issue.

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