Video quality of training videos for canvas/bubble

I find the video quality of the Canvas/Bubble training bootcamp lacking, all the text looks chopped or blurry. Has anyone else experienced this i`m watching at 1080p,

on the other hand this forum app looks the same as the one at Appsheet, what platform is it?

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Hi @pixymasque welcome to the forum!

Can you please share a link to one of the blurry videos to see if I experience the same blurriness?

This is the platform used in this forum (… is the same one used in the Bubble forum)

thank you

All of the bootcamp 101 videos have this issue,
I think the training is excellent just maybe the screen recording was filmed at some lower rez or slower frame rate? Just pointing it out to the developers.
I havent seen this kind of issue before when doing training videos on other platforms, i`m viewing it at 1080p as well, so thats not the problem.

@pixymasque thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our team is aware and this is due to a compression issue that we didn’t anticipate. We strive to have very high quality videos available, so we will slowly be replacing them over time.

Most people have found it possible to follow along luckily due to the voiceover and general awareness of the existing videos! If you have any confusion, please ask me or @cmarchan.

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thanks Kevin,
I find the best option to put on youtube as private feed with link into your site, that player works robustly even when i`m on the train compared to vimeo which has stuttering issues at higher frame rates. although tthat is not the issue.

If you search Airdev on YouTube, you should find at least some of the videos uploaded there already!

Thats ok Kev, for these videos its more the issue with the screen recording compression,

Hi, any updates regarding the poor video quality. Having issues as well.

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Hello @jterrell welcome to the forum!

Videos are being improved. Anything in particular that you need help on?