Votes Functionality

I need some help with the functionality of votes, it behaves strangely, although I believe I configured it correctly. The counting doesn’t work either.
When I click the vote icon, it goes to ‘1’, but after refreshing the page is goes back to ‘0’. I can see the votes in the database though.
The text to show the count, doesn’t reflect it either.
Perhaps there is an issue with the data source of the tables and the groups mixing up with each other ?
I attached some screenshots here, hoping to provide enough info so you can help me.

Hello @michaelvrutaal

Check if all the tree elements that send the information all the way down to that text have expressions such as “parent group product”. There may be one that is missing it.

I checked this, however it is not working.

Hello @michaelvrutaal

The logic behind these types of voting systems are about adding and modifying lists of entries.

Below are a couple of excellent videos that explain this very important concept in Bubble programming

I think I know what is going wrong;
When a user vote on a product, his username is stored in the database in the votes of the product.
So, in the votes of the products, you will have ‘usernames’ stored.
So, the count won’t work.
I need to be able to SUM every username to be able to show the number of votes.
( in the votes of a product I will have the following entries :

I need to be able to show a sum of these.

Hello @michaelvrutaal

In order to count the number of entries in a list consider using the :count operator.

You have a field that holds a list of users be called “vote”. This is singular. When building logic in Bubble it helps to name single entries in singular and multiple entries in plural. So “votes” should be the name of this field.

The expression that you are looking for should look like this: “parent group product votes :count” This should give a count of 3 for these 3 users in the “votes” field.


This is exactly what I have, still the results are not right.

Did you try to access my application? I made the changes so you could, let me know if it succeeded.

I do not see a link to your backend editor. Just set it to public view in settings/general/rights and name the element to start with something like “555” so that it can be easily located. This way I can go in and take a peek quickly. :slight_smile:

look for : mhvpartyrsvp

Hello @michaelvrutaal

I am not sure where I am supposed to look.

Are these questions about an application of the bootcamp classes?

this is not about the bootcamp classes; I named it mhvpartyrsvp and shared it so you can take a look at the problems I am confronting. The other questions are about an application which I am trying to build.

Thank you for the prompt response. Where is the link to the editor?

Hello @michaelvrutaal

Please note that this is a link to the external page of your application.

Please contact with a link to the backend editor of your Bubble app. Please make sure to indicate the page where this behavior is taking place.

Thank you!

I don’t understand what you are saying my friend.

Hello @michaelvrutaal

Thank you.

The application is set to read-only which of course is understandable as you would not like anyone to make unauthorized changes.

The problem though is that when I try to preview it so that I can evaluate the problem I cannot see the “MAIN RepeatingGroup Products List” element.

I was able to locate it in the backend and indeed the expression to count the users under the field “vote” of a product is well implemented.


I checked privacy rules and perhaps this is where the problem may lie:

Consider eliminating this privacy rule and see if the vote count works.

Thanks a lot my friend. The problem was indeed in the privacy settings.
I made some changes there and the functionality works as I want it to.
Thanks a lot for your input.

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