Welcome to the Canvas forum!

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for trying out our Canvas building framework! We created this forum so Canvas users can have a space to request features, ask Canvas related questions, share tips, and showcase apps that they’ve built with our framework.

We’re always looking to improve our product and any feedback that you have for us will be much appreciated. To request new features:

  • Create a new topic and select the ‘Feature request’ category tag (e.g. [Feature request] Describe the feature).
  • Upvote any existing feature request posts by clicking the heart icon on the post. We will use this to determine how many people support or want the feature.

Feature requests include the following:

  • Base template - new features or improvements to existing features in the template
  • Page builder - new features, new assets, or improvements
  • Extension - new features, new page templates or blocks

Aside from this forum, below are some other resources that may be helpful to you:

  • Canvas Base Template documentation - includes documentation on how to use all of the features in our latest Canvas 3.0 template
  • Bug report - please send us a bug report if you encounter any issues with the Canvas Base Template, Page Builder, or the Chrome extension (read more)
  • Bubble how-tos - please visit the Bubble forum if you have general questions on how to build something in Bubble

Lastly, we ask all users on this forum to treat other members with respect. Any content deemed inappropriate by the moderators will be removed.