What is the purpose of those workflows in Index page?

Hello everyone !

I was wondering what those workflows are used for? I don’t really understand how “reset” from page URL is used, and I keep being redirected to other pages even if I don’t want to. I’d like to know their importance to know if I can just disable them if I don’t need them.

Thanks a lot

Hello @evodev

The index page in Canvas is part of the redirection logic available in it.

In short, it acts as a traffic router in your application.

The “pieces” that act together for redirection to work are:

  • Bubble pages options set
  • Roles field in the user object
  • A couple of “traffic” flows in the header reusable element
  • Those two flows in the index page

As you build your app you can adapt them to new user roles and pages as needed.

More information on the index page logic can be review below. I also attach a video describing the logic of user roles (role field in the user object or as Bubble calls it … a “data type”) and their access permissions to pages (options set) as well.