What's wrong with my API Call?

So a while back we mapped out a workflow + plugin addition on the canvas rental template and got a freelancer to set it up. It allows users to verify their phone number after sign up and then allows them to receive SMS reminder notifications of their upcoming appointments (24 hrs before and 4 hrs before on the day of)

It’s always worked but recently on our Twilio dashboard, we’re able to see all the verify logs for users recently verified but the SMS notifications stop on December 2020 even though users with phone numbers have since booked and should’ve received SMS notifications.

I’m thinking it’s something to do with the number used to initialize the calls (it’s the same number in the first screenshot and second) but only the verify logs update correctly on Twilio

This (below) is what the backend workflows look like for reminders to both sides (screenshot is showing customer but service pro also have theirs). The flows won’t trigger if the phone number is empty (rightly).

Things seems set on the Bubble end (i.e. (param.) To is the customer’s number. So not sure why the recent SMS reminder notifications aren’t showing up on Twilio. I re-initialized the call and that those tests showed on Twilio logs although the “To” for programmable messaging for the rest shows the number used to initialize the calls (+33…) instead of the customer’s numbers

I feel like this is this wrong? (see below). What do I fix here for it to send to the actual customer’s not the number used to initialize the call?

Thank you!

Hi @lizzyazuya,

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide you with a solution here as this is not Canvas related and it requires someone to review your app. I’d recommend reaching out to the freelancer you hired as he/she would have a better understanding of how Twilio has been set up in your app.

Thanks, posted here cos it’s been some time and they’re no longer responsive

I’ve had some folks on the regular Bubble forum look at it and I think it’s close but not sure what the final/missing piece is. It’s always worked and suddenly stopped.

Basically, it’s just a Twilio SMS send that goes out as a reminder to customers that booked 24-h before their appointment, 4-h before, and a reminder to leave a review 72-H after (there’s already a 24-h one that works)

These should be triggered once a booking is confirmed and if the customer and provider have their phone numbers inputted to their profiles (the test ones we’ve done have this and doesn’t work)

These are the backend workflows. It’s the Twilio one that isn’t giving any errors but not triggering even if it’s listed on the logs

These are the logs (the first two are my tests) the 24-h was supposed to trigger and even if listed doesn’t actually work. I don’t know if a Bubble update broke these.