Where to upload the Stripe picture?


See picture please.
Any idea how to change the picture displayed by Stripe?

Hello @user7

Try the Bubble Stripe plugin. If I recall correctly you can upload it there (provided of course that you are using it)

Hi @cmarchan I already did it and it is not working.
I uploaded the logo in Bubble in the Stripe plugging section (where the secret key is added).
I also uploaded in my Stripe account at different places:

  • Settings > Branding (Icon + Logo)
  • Settings > Connect settings > Branding

Hello @user7

Explore options with changing the image dimensions and even format.


The stripe logo is indeed updated from the Bubble stripe plugin. One thing to check is your image’s file type - try uploading an image that is a png or jpg. It may not accept svg, eps, tiff, or other image formats.

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Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, it is not working. I tried with both JPG and PNG.