Why are the changes made in admin mode only applied to a "/version-test/" of my bubble app?

When I access my bubble app from the bubble editor and deploy it to live - the live version does not reflect the changes I’ve made in the canvas editor to the marketing pages.

These changes are only shown in the “The best way to build web apps without code | Bubble” version of my app.

What gives? Why don’t the changes from the canvas editor move over to the live version of my app when I publish it from the bubble editor?



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Hello, same issues here, the header doesn’t update when I switch to the live version. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hello @ayman @william welcome both to the forum!

Bubble has two databases. One for development and another one for live use.

There are two ways to approach this situation:

  1. Copy your development database over to live.
  2. Do your desired changes on the live version of your application.
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